To structure or not !

A decision to be made about home education is whether or not to add structure. what does this mean ? It means for me to decide whether or not to work to structured learning material, whether to plan a daily timetable and or whether to follow a certain curriculum of work.

An interesting part to whether or not to add structure to home education is it can be added full time or part time or not at all. Structure can be done via curriculums and topic work.

Many families decide to steer away from structure all together, where some families may replicate the school day and work to a time table.

Other families may add part structure and offer a semi structured school day for their children.

There is no right or wrong approach to adding structure or not to home education.

The only right way is to find what works best for each child.

There are now many resources for families to use in home education. They may choose to replicate the national curriculum or even use curriculums from other countries for example many families in the united kingdom use American home schooling curriculums. The point is to use resources which you feel comfortable with and the children can best learn from using.

The internet is also a source of free resources for all child learning whether in school or home educated.

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