The Beach

The beach as a free gift from nature
We are lucky enough to have access to a local beach, and during this hot weather it is a relief to escape to the shore to access a few moments of fresher cooler air.

Yesterday during a particular hot day we escaped to the sea. I walked along the waters edge and marvelled at the beauty of the coastline and the beautiful horizon. On this cloudless blue sky day the blue sea and sky merged in the distance. Have you ever thought, that this beauty is only viewable from the coast as the inland does not have the same horizon view.

Yesterday on the beach,

Boats sailed by, slow and fast, while fishermen landed their crafts.

Families ate their picnics, children laughed whilst they played and adults soaked up the sun.

Dog walkers walked and walkers, well walked along the sands.

Me, I love to paddle along the waters edge and in usual form I think ( I’m a reflective thinker and probably think too much !), digress and think again about how these free wonders called beaches are such a wonderful diverse leisure place for us all to harmoniously enjoy.

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