Sweetners in diet drinks

New research from America is saying that diet drinks containing sweetners is harmful to the body. Although the British doctors are stating that the diet products are useful. the link to the article is here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2359821/Sweeteners-diet-drinks-dont-cut-weight-just-harmful-regular-versions.html

American research is now saying that the diet products may not stimulate the brain and we therefore then overindulge in sugar.

Who are we to believe ?

As a parent it is very confusing as to which product to buy for our families. Do we buy the sugar drink and limit the intake or do we buy the diet version as it may be kinder to body and teeth due to less sugar.

Does this research extend to diet yoghurts and sugar free jelly, angel delight etc.

As a parent with responsibility for raising my family I am left wondering which is best for my family. Water, organic milk and watered down organic juice are looking favourable options at the moment.

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