Schools out but learning is still in.

School is out but learning is in

As you probably already know we are home educators.

We have been home educating for a year now and it is the best decision we have made about our child’s education.

We decided to take a little bit of structure to our educational day whereby we make the time each day to cover maths English and science. We let Tiger take the lead with his geography history re and other projects he likes to research. ( it is also surprising how topics do over lap across subjects)

Any way my post today is about school holidays and learning.

I really do believe and have much evidence through home education that just because children are on holiday from school that they do not stop learning just because they are not in school.

If children are given opportunities to explore and interact with people to talk about their interests they will learn. Just as home educated children are learning at home, the children not in school because of school holidays will still be learning just because they are not in school.

Just as children learnt to walk and talk before they went to school, children are still learning in the home even when they are on roll at a school.

My little tiger is home educated and he is officially on his school holidays. By this we mean that he is not making time each day to sit down and write his English work, his maths text book work or write up his science experiments.

However his is still learning and wanting to learn and he simply can not stop himself from being inquisitive about the world. I believe this is inbuilt in children as part of their make up, it is existential for their human growth. for me this where home education works, if children are given the opportunities they will learn.

Yesterday, was an example. Yesterday I was out in the car with our little Tiger and he saw the moon during the day. From this a conversation developed about the moon, it gravitational pull compared to the earth. the structure of the universe, planet sizes it was an endless science lesson on route in the car.

Fast forward to the after noon. Out of the blue tiger asks.

Mum, What do you think the world wiil be like in a million years ?

I don’t know, what do you think Tiger ?

Well, will humans have adapted to survive, or will we use technology so we don’t have to adapt to survive?

Or do you think monkeys will have adapted to develop a language part of their brain or possibly the dogs may have overtaken us and taken over the world. ?

Phew such a big question !!!! on a non school day lol. such an imagination.

We had a long discussion on evolution, adaption, the psychology of the brain development and intelligence and communication in animals. We imagined a world run by our pet dog !!

In the garden, later on, tiger watered the flower garden and hanging baskets, “Look mum, I can make rainbows, Look at the light ” Tiger wanted to talk about light spectrums and what we see and what animals can see and why ?

Tiger has also watched a programme earlier on CBBC about sharks and we talked about the shark senses and why they need to detect movement and electricity from birth.

When his dad came home from work, he wanted to tell his dad about how sharks can be hypnotised and put into a trance sleep by flipping them over onto their backs and how chickens can also be hypnotised by a chalk line.

I really do believe that if children are given space and time to be allowed to think and follow their interests they will learn. It is natural for a child to want to explore their world. They have imagination which can whisk them to worlds of learning.

As the great late Vygotsky says children are our little apprentices. They develop through their interactions with the world and human relationships. follow this link, a site for information on informal education. Information from Piaget and Vygotsky

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